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ARE YOU.....preparing for the RID National Interpreter Certification test?

ARE YOU.....needing an extra "push" to get you over some signing                                  obstacles?

ARE YOU....needing help improving your skills for your ASL classes?

ARE YOU....getting back into the interpreter "arena" after a long absence                        and need to "brush up" on your skills?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, mentoring might be the answer!

If you are interested in having some one-on-one time with a professional RID certified interpreter or with Deaf Mentor to help you improve your skills then please contact us!  Our mentoring/tutoring staff are professionals who are encouraging and want nothing more than for you to succeed!  Don't delay....text or email us today!

or email us at slfwow@sbcglobal.net

All sessions are once a week for 1 hour each.

Weekly:    $56/hr.
4 Weeks:  $205.00 (one payment due at registration.  $51.25/hr.)
6 Weeks:  $300.00 (Two payments; 1st due at registration, 2nd due at third
                  session. $50./hr.)