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Bill Rennie is a well known deaf ASL instructor, comic and interpreter trainer.  His unique sense of humor is evident in all he does! Bill was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  Born the oldest of four children into a hearing family, he grew up orally until, at the age of 15, he attended the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Pittsburgh, where he "grew" into ASL.  Bill has two hearing brothers and a very talented deaf sister who currently lives in Sweden.

Bill graduated from NTID/RIT (National Technology Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology) in 1976.  He then attended the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Special Education.  Bill later taught at Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and at the University of Pittsburgh as well as teaching private sign language classes.

In 1984, Bill moved to California where he worked for Rockwell International for five years as an engineer and taught ASL to the employees.  In 1989, he started the SIGN LANGUAGE FACTORY which hosts a variety of ASL workshops, Silent Weekends, "Nobody Famous!" comedy performances, and lectures on Deaf Culture. He lives in Anaheim, California with his wife, two children, three dogs and a bunny!  He also has two older children who live in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Bill loves to ride his Harley on a warm, sunny day!

Bill has a desire to bring together the deaf and hearing worlds by tearing down the cultural walls.  He is dedicated to teaching the hearing world about deaf culture and the deaf world about hearing culture.  He has travelled all over the world, including Sweden, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine learning and teaching and meeting other Deaf.

If you would like Bill to come to your area to lecture on Deaf Culture, growing up Deaf or his travels abroad, please contact Bonnie at SLFWOW@sbcglobal.net for details.